Many thanks to Sara Cope and Zhenyang Hua for volunteering to speak at our August event! This will be a lunchtime meetup in Beavercreek at Applied Information Sciences.

We’d also like to thank our new raffle sponsor DiDacTex! They’ll be bringing three Starbucks gift cards to raffle off before the event, so get here early and enter the raffle. Did I mention they’re hiring?


Miss the event? Catch up at

  • 11:30am: Pizza, Sponsors, and Announcements

  • 12:00pm: Quickly Create Data Dashboards with Google Data Studio - Sara Cope - Google Data Studio is a new addition to the Google Analytics lineup that lets you create quick and easy custom dashboards using a wide range of data sources. In this talk, we’ll go over the basics of using Data Studio and walk through creating your first dashboard. Sara is a front-end developer for the federal government, mentor at Thinkful and founding leader of Girl Develop It Dayton. When Sara isn’t immersed in all things web, she can be found playing tabletop games and supporting her local park system. She tweets about open source, data, and women in tech at @sarassassin.

  • 12:30pm: Big Data and Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform - Part I - Zhenyang Hua - Big data and machine learning are two subjects could be used well together to solve many problems. This presentation will be part of a series that gives an brief introduction to big data and machine learning using Google Cloud Platform. This presentation particularly summaries a few points of why to use a cloud solution to solve a problem, and gives a very brief introduction to the products Google Cloud Platform provides, it includes a simple workflow example in the end. If enough interest is raised, there will be more presentations in the future about hands on exercises to solve real world problems using the products we introduce in this presentation. Zhenyang is a full stack developer. He enjoys hiking, swimming and downhill skiing.

  • 1:00pm: End