Many thanks to Evelyn Boettcher and Dave Caraway for volunteering to speak at our February event! This will be a lunchtime meetup in Beavercreek at Applied Information Sciences.

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  • 11:30am: Pizza, Sponsors, and Announcements

  • 12:00pm: Focusing on the Flow with Dot - “dot” draws directed graphs as hierarchies. It runs as a command line program, web visualization service, or with a compatible graphical interface.Its features include well-tuned layout algorithms for placing nodes and edgesplines, edge labels, “record” shapes with “ports” for drawing data structures; and cluster layouts (cite: Because “dot” takes care of the layout, you are free to focus on how objects are related to each other. Graphs are simply written as a human readable text file: digraph mydotgraph {main -> parse -> execute;}. This talk will give you the tools to start making your own graphs either organizations charts, software flow diagrams, or work flows using dot.

  • 12:30pm: Building Interactive Visualizations in Jupyter Notebook - Jupyter notebook (formerly Ipython notebook) has become a critical tool for many data scientists and researchers, but when publishing the notebooks to the web, the visualizations become rather bland static images. In this talk, we’ll cover a few ways to make your notebooks come alive by building clickable JavaScript visualizations and simple user-interfaces with the Bokeh and Plotly open-source libraries.

  • 1:00pm: End