Many thanks to Amanda Cinnamon and Aman Tsegai for volunteering to speak at our August event! This will be a lunchtime meetup in Beavercreek at Applied Information Sciences.

  • 11:30am: Pizza, Sponsors, and Announcements

  • 12:00pm: Tufte’s Data Visualization Principles - Edward Tufte is a world-renowned expert on information design and data visualization. His first book “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information” is essential reading for those looking to hone their skills at communicating information through graphical displays. This presentation will summarize the principles he teaches, including data-ink ratio, data density, the small multiple, and his views of “chartjunk.” Amanda is a software developer, modeling and simulation analyst, and the founder of Dayton Analytics. She enjoys boating, hiking, and the occasional Pokemon hunt with her 4 year old.

  • 12:30pm: Datazar and D3.js version 4 - Aman Tsegai, co-founder & CEO at Datazar, will be talking about how Datazar integrated D3js into it’s platform as it’s main visualization engine. With the recent release of D3js v 4.0, he will be walking through the new possibilities and also talk about the challenges of using D3js in a way that accommodates a wide array of functionalities and datasets.

  • 1:00pm: End