Thursday, February 9th

GraphViz and Jupyter

Many thanks to Evelyn Boettcher and Dave Caraway for volunteering to speak at our February event! Evelyn will bet teaching us about GraphViz/Dot. Dave will show us how to build interactive data visualizations with Jupyter. This will be a lunchtime meetup in Beavercreek at Applied Information Sciences.


Thursday, November 10th

Sheep and Geospatial Analysis

Many thanks to Evelyn Boetcher and Sean McCarty for volunteering to speak at our November event! Evelyn will be teaching us about the Contrast Threshold Function and how we can use it to improve our visualizations. Sean will take us through a geospatial analysis he did using the Texas department of licensing and regulation open data set. This is a lunchtime meetup at Applied Information Sciences in Beavercreek.


Get Involved!

There are several ways to get involved with the group. It's a great way to give your resume a boost or pickup a new skill. Here are some options:

DDV News

Website Launch

The Dayton Data Visualization website has been launched! We’re excited to be able to bring this resource to the community and hope it will become something everyone will consider contributing to. Check out the source code on GitHub and help us make the site even better!


Applied Information Sciences is the premier sponsor for the Dayton Data Visualization meetup, providing space and food for our events, as well as paying our fees.